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Wow. What an incredible tour this has been! It all started in Ireland where I performed at Electric Picnic festival. I met these incredible volunteer hippy people. We made plans we knew we'd never keep about how we were going to play the 'bird man' game. The south London guy I met on the bus ride over appeared to me again at the after party on our last night there. He was a real trip. John was his name. The shows were encores galore. Love


Tanya set us up at Sub in Graz, Austria. Like last time Graz proved to be a magical city with an energy of it's own. People believed me long enough for me to begin believing myself there. Kosta joined Ensh to the right of me and drummed along adding much needed dimension. Ensh is feeling real. Sub is a squat and it is great we ate amazing vegan food. 


Belgrade birthed me and birthed the project. It was next. We agreed with each other this time around. And we held each other up high. I want for us to meet the same way again in the future.


Zaječar was difficult to get to. We drove there in a tiny hot Opel. We began figuring each other out. Das Rage, WDWRM and Ensh. All on the road together. This Saturday was plagued with car trouble, full work loads and endless driving. I was raw when I sang that night, but I didn't want to be. Jan was a king and incredible host. He filled us with calm when we needed it.


Subotica was next and in the north of the country at a particularly sensitive time. Hundreds of people fleeing circumstance were visitors passing through. Studio 11 with WDWRM and Das Rage providing vibes. 


Latinovac: Tiny tiny town. Population: 68. We played an ethno village with worldly volunteers. Drum circles, fire breathers and our particular brand of electronic pop. Stefan Slavkovic joined me on this run. He proved to be a breath of rational fresh air in a weekend full of rushing borders. Intelligence to the max. The whole town came to the show and we rejoiced. 


Sarajavo. My second home. The weight of the past permeates the air on a molecular level.  I missed Zulfikar. Sejla did an amazing job putting the show together. We sang. we played. we shared the air. It was romantic and inspired me. Chris gave us a home and more vegan food!


Novi Sad was cold, and rainy. It was one of those nights. Fichie told us about how he survived 9/11. After the show we confessed sexual secrets and howled with laughter. 


Banja Luka didn’t happen. We never made it. We stopped at a gas station I dropped the car keys and they never worked again. We spent the night at a Croatian gas station in the company of kind strangers. My father graciously drove 200km to bring me a spare key. We are all in his debt. 


Osijek is beautiful. The gang is even more beautiful. Phonogram set us up amazingly. We spent the night laughing and enjoying each other’s company. The show was packed and the energy was fluid. 


In Smederevo two young ladies stole the show. Dancing and singing every word. Huge thank you goes out to them, Vlad and Arsen. The whole Krivi Put team. Amazing set. Amazing show. 


And last but most certainly not least. We played Kumanovo. Gracious gracious hosts. Oliver is a host and a half. We wined we dined we played and wined more. Things got a little sloppy. End of tour bash and all. There were after parties and then after after parties. This live video is from the Kumanovo show. I think it nicely sums up the energy of the tour. 


Thank you to everyone who made this possible. This ridiculous thing we do. I’ve been afforded kindness I’m not sure I deserve. Beautiful people: Any of you are more than welcome to come stay with me in Belgrade. 


Lots of LOVE. Thank you. See you soon.


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Belgrade (EP)

Both of them Milenko Square.jpg
Both of them Milenko Square.jpg